History and Accomplishments

  We are the oldest CPA firm in Tampa and one of the first 10 CPA firms in the state of Florida.

  It all started in 1924 when an Englishman by the name of Frank L. Cowles had just become one of Florida's first Certified Public Accountants (CPA). He was working as the Comptroller for the city of Tampa, but he wanted to start his own CPA firm. He knew another CPA in Miami by the name of Robert Pentland, and together they started Pentland and Cowles. In the process they launched what is today the oldest CPA firm in Tampa.

  In the 1930's a young man by the name of Thomas Craig joined the firm. Craig was a serious minded, customer focused CPA who also served as a fighter pilot during WWII. During his 50 years with the firm he supplied much of the vision that drove the firm forward. Upon his retirement in 1985 the firm was renamed Thomas Craig & Company in his honor.

  Shortly after WWII, two more CPA's joined the firm, Mark R. Silverman and T. Warren Wooten. Both had served in the war, Silverman in the Pacific and Wooten in Europe. Mr. Silverman reflected on the technology available at the time, "All of us had to stand in line to use the firm's newest tool, a crank adding machine". Thomas Craig was also the first firm in Tampa to utilize computers.

  Thomas Craig & Company had clients located throughout the entire State of Florida. Those clients were involved in manufacturing, newspapers, racetracks, agribusiness, car dealerships, and assorted professions. Additionally, in 1967, we did the accounting work pertaining to the original bond that built Tampa Airport.

  We still have clients throughout the state of Florida, as well as the United States and Europe. The foundation of our firm's longevity is our ability to utilize cutting edge technology and couple it with sound advice and a growing list of services. In order to be competitive, we are more than Certified Public Accountants, we are Certified Management Advisors, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Business Valuators, and experts in the field of Elder Care.
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